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Join me as I chat with folks from Main Street to Around the World about...LIFE!!

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Please join me LIVE every Monday Tuesday and Wednesday from 11:00 am to Noon EST, on WSMN 1590 AM/95.3 FM using the TuneIn or Simple Radio Apps. You can also listen LIVE HERE!

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Television Show

Check me out on Bedford Public Access TV (BCTV) for some great interviews with more fantastic guests!! Just a few here until the Covid Hold is over… So hold tight More coming soon!!


Looking for some QUICK Life with Liz fun, and maybe some fumes as well? Then check out my new fledgling Podcasts here in your spare time…You’ll be glad you did!!

Life With Liz
Radio Show

Are you ready for some lively, informative, and oftentimes just some good ole’ fashion fun CHAT with a variety of GREAT GUESTS?
Then please join me every Monday and Wednesday at 11:00 am EST on WSMN1590 AM/95.3 FM using either the TuneIn or Simple Radio Apps!
Oh, and for your added enjoyment, all of my past Radio Shows are live-streamed and recorded on my Life with Liz NH Facebook Page too… all you have to do is click below and scroll down!!

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Radio Shows

Wed. April 14th
State Rep. Tim Baxter: Vaccine Passport in NH??
State Rep. Ross Berry: HR-1 & State Election Law/Integrity Legislation
State Rep. Maureen Mooney: State Election Law/Integrity Legislation
Tues. April 13th
Kimberley King: Incredible Mother & Patriot shares her Army Veternan
Son John’s struggles with PTS… and his amazing story of Recovery!
Brig. Gen. Don Buldoc: Surprise Call-in chat with Kimberley
Mon. April 12th
Skip Murphy: “Monday Morning Wake-Up Chat w/Grok”
Marylyn Todd: Windham, NH Election “Incident”; Town/City Machine Tapes
Daisy Navaez: Midland, Tx “Parent PROM” ; for Lee HS, My Alma Mater!!

Life With Liz Podcast

Looking for some QUICK Life with Liz fun and maybe some fumes too? Check me out here in your spare time…You’ll be glad you did!!

Life With Liz

"Talking The Journey"

LIFE as an Accountant (blah!), to LIFE as a Wife and Mother living and traveling around the world (NOT blah!), has been a truly fulfilling LIFE...So Far!
But as we know LIFE is a JOURNEY, and doesn't stand still for anyone!
So, just 2 ½ short years ago, Life with Liz was born, and with it, one weekly radio show! Since then I have expanded to 2 weekly radio shows and added some Life with Liz on Bedford, NH, Local TV.
Now, with the addition of my new website, I can go crazy talking to y’all, and of course to some great guests on Podcasts, and maybe even test out my writing skills with some Blogs!!
My hope is to provide myself with some much needed therapy, and y’all with some fun, interesting and maybe even some tear jerking content … but always with that Life with Liz “SPARK”!
Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you will join me as I...
Talk the Journey!

Life With Liz
TV Shows

Life With Liz
Welcome To My Blog!

Life With Liz

Welcome to my Blog!
From the Heart…Why I am Voting for President Trump!
December 8, 2020by Life With Liz0
From the Heart…Why I am Voting for President Trump!
As a woman, wife and mother, who loves my children and my country with a passion I want to share with you that there is no doubt in my mind that President Trump is the man to lead our nation, and the Free World, over the next four years
Meet Liz
September 28, 2020by Life With Liz0
Meet Liz
 I was born and raised in the West Texas Oil Country... in the small town of Midland, Texas. I am a twin, and one of four children. I lived in the same house, on the same street, and in the same town until I went to college. As a “Childhood Closet Jew”, living in the Baptist Bible Belt in the day, I graduated from McMurry University, a Methodist College in Abilene, Texas, with a BBA in Accounting.
Liz’s Radio Journey
September 27, 2020by Life With Liz0
Liz’s Radio Journey
How in the world did I, a woman with an Accounting and Finance background, with “Glossophobia” or “fear of public speaking”, and who spent the last 25 years raising 3 children hopping from Texas, to Singapore, to Canada, and now to New Hampshire, ever end up in radio you might ask?

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