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September 24, 2020by Life With Liz0

My TV Show Host Story:

During the summer of 2018, when the New Hampshire state midterm elections were hot and heavy, a candidate for state office asked me to host an interview for her on Bedford Community Access TV. So my, still somewhat clossophobic self accepted the candidate’s invitation and Wallah #2… In the Spring of 2019, after some constant coaxing from Bill Jennings, the Director of BCTV, Life with Liz premiered on TV! 

Since then I have again been blessed with the opportunity to speak with many amazing guests, but this time on a beautiful television set in front of a camera. This was a bit of a slower start up mind you, but once I began to relax I was good to go!! That is until the Pandemic of 2020 rocked our world! Since March 2020 Life with Liz on TV has sadly been on hold, but I hope to be back on air very soon as America opens up for business once again!   

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