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September 27, 2020by Life With Liz0

My Radio Show Story: 

How in the world did I, a woman with an Accounting and Finance background, with “Glossophobia” or “fear of public speaking”, and who spent the last 25 years raising 3 children hopping from Texas, to Singapore, to Canada, and now to New Hampshire, ever end up in radio you might ask?

Well,  around the holiday season of 2017, I was invited to chat on a show on WSMN Radio in Nashua, NH about my “Mixed Family”. Mixed meaning that my three children were raised by a Jewish mother (a la ME!) and a Catholic father. So  I will spare you the details of this first radio show experience, but let’s just say that it was an Epoch Fail!! But, to my surprise, just three months later I was asked back to share a very tragic story about my daughter while living up in Canada… and Wallah!!! I WAS MAGNIFICENT, I guess,  as the amazing George Russell, co-owner of Nashua’s WSMN radio station, “begged” me (sort of!)  to jump on board with my own radio show!! So, 3 months later in April 2018, “Life with Liz” debuted!

I began this adventure with just one weekly radio show, adding a second, one year later. Since then I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to chat with so many fantastic guests. Guests from here in New Hampshire,  across the country,  and even around the world!!  Amazing guests like Laura Trump and former Israeli Ambassador Yoram Ettinger, to well-known authors like Larry Winget and Conner Boyack, to just heartwarming good-works- folks  like Dustin Meltzer of the “Pay it Forward Effect” and Terry Brumley of “Brides Across America! 

I look forward to continuing my amazing LIFE JOURNEY, and am so excited about sharing my fantastic guest’s with you….on Life with Liz!

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