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September 28, 2020by Life With Liz0

Liz: The Early Years …

     I was born and raised in the West Texas Oil Country… in the small town of Midland, Texas. I am a twin, and one of four children. I lived in the same house, on the same street, and in the same town until I went to college. As a “Childhood Closet Jew”, living in the Baptist Bible Belt in the day, I graduated from McMurry University, a Methodist College in Abilene, Texas, with a BBA in Accounting. I ultimately moved to the Dallas/Ft Worth area where I took a position in Finance with Motorola, where I met my husband Lance. 

Liz: The Early/Middle Years …

     Together we moved up to Chicago, Illinois, Motorola’s home base, then down to Boynton Beach, Florida, with Motorola’s Paging Division (Yes, that dates me!). After 10 years with Motorola, and 5 years of marriage, I caved to my “ticking baby clock”, quit my job, and Babies #1 and #2 were born very quickly!  

After 4 years in Florida, we moved on from Motorola, and with a 3 month old and 18 month old in tow, moved back to Texas (YAY!), to the small town of Temple, as Lance took a new job with Texas Instrument’s Laptop Division (Again, this dates me!).  Within one year the division was sold, and we moved very quickly down the road to Austin, as Lance joined Dell Computer. Within a couple of years, and a VERY Crazy Pregnancy (Another About Me Blog Maybe??), Baby #3 was born and 5 years later, with a 5, 8, and a 9 year old in tow, Dell moved us to Singapore, where we spent the next 6 incredible years!  

Liz: The Middle Years …

After 6 years of an amazing life in Singapore, a city, state, and country like none other, meeting and befriending folks from around the world, as well as traveling the whole of SouthEast Asia and China, it was time to return to Austin, USA!! But this time it was like starting over with three kids ages 11, 14, and 15 yrs old in tow, AND this time with our “unique” Singaporean rescue dog, Maggie!! 

But, after just 3 months in our new house, new cars, new everything, we said goodbye to Dell Computer, and to Austin, and headed WAY UP NORTH to Ontario, Canada with Blackberry…You must  remember those cell phones yes?? Well the country of Canada served us reasonably well for the next 4 years, until Apple Iphones reared their amazing heads!  And BOOM … virtually overnight came the demise of Blackberry, and our time in Canada!

So,  now with our 15, 18, and 19 year olds in tow, and of course Maggie, we caravanned down to yet another “place on the map” called New Hampshire … A state that I hardly knew existed as a Southerner! But now, almost 6 years later, New Hampshire feels like home! And what an amazing home it is!! 

Speaking of home, I am now an “empty nester”, for the time being, and look forward to…   Liz: The Later Years … Hopefully here in New Hampshire!!

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