Life From the Heart…Why I am Voting for President Trump!

December 8, 2020by Life With Liz0

As a woman, wife and mother, who loves my children and my country with a passion I want to share with you that there is no doubt in my mind that President Trump is the man to lead our nation, and the Free World, over the next four years… And this is why:

Five years ago, after having lived and raised my family outside the United States for 10 years, I realized just how blessed we Americans are to live in the most free country in the world, BY FAR … and also how blessed we are to be living in a country that truly provides EVERY CITIZEN with the opportunity, from birth, to live the American Dream, no matter our race, creed, or gender! We have only to abide by God’s Ten Commandments, the best we can, FIGHT through the storms of life, and work our dang tails off!! This is not so, btw, in virtually any other country on earth!! 

So after our return to America and settling back here in the great state of New Hampshire, it was just natural for me to share my passion and appreciation for America as much as possible, with those who would dare listen! I also share this on my radio and tv shows “Life with Liz”! 

But back to the election…

So if you’ll recall, back in 2015 Donald J. Trump took that historical trip down the infamous escalator and roared onto the Presidential Primary scene like a bull in a china shop! I personally didn’t have a clue as to who the man was due, in large part, to the West Texas “non-internet” bubble that I grew up in. Then along came “The Apprentice” which I must say I didn’t watch one episode of!  But, that all changed quickly as this man consumed the airwaves, and we Bubble People had no choice but to watch and hear him…and I knew in a New York minute that there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in you-know-where that I would be voting for this “disgusting human being” in the 2016 Primary …Yes my words! 

But God does work in mysterious ways and Donald Trump blew out the Primary and moved ahead into the General Election against Hillary Clinton! I, like millions of other women, was dumbfounded by this and once again swore I would not vote for this man for President! The months passed as we moved closer to November 2016 and my plan was not to vote at all! But, a good friend of mine, who was on the “Trump Train” from day one encouraged me to take a leap of faith and to vote!! And, I, like millions of other women, held my nose as I cast my ballot for Donald J. Trump for President!

In the four years since, I have watched as President Trump took the reins of power, and, to my amazement, has accomplished more than any other President has in modern times!! I have now dubbed his work absolutely MIRACULOUS especially given the onslaught of hate and the constant barrage of hurricane strength headwinds he has faced!! For me, his work and actions speak far more than his cringeworthy persona. 

I would ask you, my fellow American women, wives, and mothers to step back away from the hate and deception that has been incessantly thrown at us over the last 4 years. Please consider what this President has actually accomplished. At a minimum take a quick look at this Washington Times op-ed which is brief but, in my opinion, on point!

I will be voting for President Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd! I hope and pray that you will consider doing so as well!! 


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