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     Wed. July 7th, 2021
Article V of our Constitution was provided to us by our Founding
Fathers as a handy tool to utilize when our Government becomes so  big and so powerful that they no longer abide by our Constitution…Thank you to my guest:     Kenn Quinn of
                       Tues.  July 6th, 2021
Vietnam Veterans talk about Independence Day and their thoughts about the state of the country that they sacrificed for… Many Thanks to my guests:     Bob Jones & Rick Jansson

    Wednesday, June 30th

Brig. General (ret) Don Buldoc:

Army Veteran of 33 yrs, Candidate for US Senate, NH
The Political Destruction of the US Military & the Cultural and Moral Decay of America Frank Gaffney:  Founder & Pres. of the Center for Security Policy & former Asst Secretary of Defense / Reagan Admin. The Political Destruction of the US Military

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"Talking the Journey"

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