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Wed. April 14th
State Rep. Tim Baxter: Vaccine Passport in NH??
State Rep. Ross Berry: HR-1 & State Election Law/Integrity Legislation
State Rep. Maureen Mooney: State Election Law/Integrity Legislation
Tues. April 13th
Kimberley King: Incredible Mother & Patriot shares her Army Veternan
Son John’s struggles with PTS… and his amazing story of Recovery!
Brig. Gen. Don Buldoc: Surprise Call-in chat with Kimberley
Mon. April 12th
Skip Murphy: “Monday Morning Wake-Up Chat w/Grok”
Marylyn Todd: Windham, NH Election “Incident”; Town/City Machine Tapes
Daisy Navaez: Midland, Tx “Parent PROM” ; for Lee HS, My Alma Mater!!

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"Talking the Journey"

Looking for some QUICK Life with Liz fun and maybe some fumes too? Check me out here in your spare time…You’ll be glad you did!!

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